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Please note that fresh wedding flowers are only available to those bride and grooms in west yorkshire for delivery by ourselves. They are however also available to those who are willing to travel to pick them up from the shop (as they are far too delicate to be posted!) Places such as the rest of Yorkshire, Hull, Manchester and Sheffield are all ideal places to travel from to pick up your wedding flowers, we are located approx 10minutes from the m1, and m62.

Please do join our Facebook group, it's updated most weeks with beautiful wedding flowers as well as our normal gift bouquets. As this page is easily updates we have lots of new images on this Facebook page as well as multiple images of bouquets and close ups. 


All fresh wedding flowers are made using the highest quality flowers direct from holland, they are used at their optimum best to ensure they create the perfect look on your wedding day! Flowers are finished to the highest standard bound with beautiful ribbon.

All fresh wedding flowers are made by ourselves on the morning of your wedding, for those who wish to pick their flowers up it can be arranged to make them the night before for you then you don't have to rush!

Bespoke flowers are a speciality, we can create flowers from wedding magazine photos, or from our photos, but we can also create something especially for You It's always a good idea to keep hold of any pictures whilst browsing through wedding magazines to show your florist, even if you only like one aspect of the bouquet, lots of different aspects can be used together to create a beath-taking wedding bouquet for You

Fresh wedding flower dates get booked up very quickly, this is because we only make 1 set of wedding flowers each day, so your wedding would be our only priority and our only commitment meaning we are able to spend more time with you, haleping you create your perfect wedding day, it means we are also able to deliver to multiple locations, set up, show you how your bouquets should be held ect.......

We also now have vase & glass wear hire available, which can be set up at you're venue, we also have lots of odd vases etc.... Scoops and tongs available to create a sweetie Buffett. 

please look in our "fresh photos" section down the right hand side of this page for more photos of our fresh wedding photos and our bouquets.

If you have any questions, or wish to email me photos, get a quote,  or check your wedding date availability please email me at georgina@mrsbouquets.com or call us at the shop on 01924-461114

Appointments can be made to chat about wedding flowers at the shop if you would prefer, appointments can be made via email or phone call at the shop. it is not always necessary to make an appointment to see us, as we will always be available to give qoutes/help/advice for your wedding flowers. Georgina@mrsbouquets.com 



All the following prices are for FRESH flowers only!

Brides Hand-Ties - from - £35

  • Bridesmaids Hand-Ties - from -   £25

Brides Modern/Limited Shower Bouquet - from -   £55

  • Bridesmaids Modern/Limited Shower Bouquet - from - £35

Brides Tear-Drop Bouquet - from - £65 (standard size 18" long!!!)

  • Bridesmaids Tear-Drop Bouquet - from - £40

Brides Shower Bouquets - from - £75 (standard size 24" long!!!)

  • Bridesmaids Shower Bouquet - from - £45

Brides Over The Arm Style Bouquet - from - £40

  • Bridesmaids Over The Arm Style Bouquet - from - £25

Brides Pomander - from -   £40

  • Bridesmaids Pomander - from - £25
  • Flower Girl Wand - £12
  • Flower Girl Basket - £15

Button holes/corsages

  • Grooms matching button hole - £3.50
  • Best Man/Ushers/Page Boys/Dads button holes - £2.50
  • Single Carnation button hole, with Fern - £2.00
  • Single Rose button hole, with Fern - £2.50
  • Double Rose button hole, with Fern - £4.00
  • Corsages - from £6


  • Top Table Arrangements - from - £25
  • Top Table Garlands - from -   £35
  • Guest Table Posies - from - £10
  • Guest Table Vases - from £6
  • Pedestal Arrangements - from - £15
  • See "table wear hire" section for all our glasswear and full table centrepieces available to hire

Example Wedding Flowers

All the flowers below have been created by ourselves for previous brides, the price you will see at the bottom of each product indicates the cost of that particular bouquet. These photos are just to show you   examples of our stunning wedding designs, all the photos below can be re-created in any colours   and sizes.  


Brides Shower Bouquet - price -£90

white roses, white freesia, ivy, french ruskas, and diamante


Bridesmaid Pomander - price £25

size suitable for a child, roses and diamante


Adult Bridesmaid Pomander - price £35

White roses, White freesia, diamante, on stunning ribbon


Adult Bridesmaids Hand-Tie - price - £35

White roses, Hard Ruskas, Black feathers


Brides Over The Arm Style Bouquet -price £50

White Roses, White Calla Lillies, Black Feathers, Black Aspidestera Leaves.


Button holes - Roses

Single rose - £2.50     Double rose - £4.00


Brides Hand-Tie - price £45

White Roses, Pink Oriental lillies, Deep Red Safari, Salal Leaves,and Aspidestera Leaves.


Brides Hand -Tie - price -£45

Red and White Roses, Gypsophelia, Fern, Buplerum, and Eucalyptus


Brides Hand-Tie - price -£45

Red Roses, White Oriental Lillies, Buplerum, Gypsophelia, Hard Ruskas, Gold ting, and Aspidestera Leaves


Brides Shower Bouquet - £85

White Roses, Gold Roses, Calla Lillies, Lizzianthus, Freesia, French Ruskas,   and Bear   Grass


Adult Bridesmaids Hand - Tie - price - £35

White Calla Lillies, Gold Roses, and Hard Ruskas


Child Bridesmaids Pomander - price - £25

White and Gold Roses


Brides Over The Arm - price - £50

White Roses, White Calla Lillies, Bear Grass, Gypsophelia, French Ruskas, and Aspidestera Leaves


Bridesmaids Over The Arm Bouquet - price - £25

2 White Calla Lillies, Gypsophelia, Grasses, and Aspidestera Leaves.


Button holes

Single rose - £2.50 each               Double Calla Lillies and gypsophelia - £7.00


Brides Shower Bouquet - Price - £75

Ivory roses, with Lilac Statice, Lavander, Limonium, with Pearl Detail.


Brides Shower Bouquet - price - £100

White Calla Lillies, and White Roses, French Ruskas, and Diamante


Bridesmaids Hand-Ties - price - £35

Gerberas, and Grass


Brides Limited/Modern Shower Bouquet - price - £65

Pink Gerberas, Grass, and Diamante

Gerbera button holes with grass loops £2.50 each




please look in our "fresh photos" section to see more of our fresh wedding flower photos.


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Silk wedding flowers are delivered nationwide ~ leeds, london, edinburgh, cumbria, essex, sussex, cornwall, devon, birmingham, bristol, newscastle, chester, exeter, oxford, lincoln, nottingham, dundee, liverpool, preston, northampton, manchester, swansea, cardiff and glasgow for example, and anywhere else you can think of!
Fresh wedding flowers available throughout Yorkshire. 

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Fresh flowers & bouquets etc... Delivered in Dewsbury, batley, birstall, ossett, horbury, heckmondwyke, liversedge, cleckheaton. 

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